13 marzo 2012

Interviews with role-playing celebrities

Here at Laboratorio Friki I'm going to start a small new project, aiming to normalize a bit the role-playing hobby and to contribute somehow to its diffusion.

With this in mind I'll  try to interview some role-playing celebrities. And by "role-playing celebrities" I don't mean eminent members of the roleplaying scene or great RPG authors,  but people known to the general public who has had or has experience with RPGs.

I don't know how long will this project last or how many celebrities will I be able to persuade, but I hope more will consent when they see the interviews being posted here.

Your help will be very appreciated if you can contact any celebrity for this project. And sorry in advance, I think I'm not a great interviewer...

Celebrities interviewed:

Juanra Bonet. (spanish showman)
Margaret Weis

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